About WPBizGuru

I’m a marketing professional from Birmingham, UK. I’ve been using WordPress for years and have advised many businesses how to get the best of WordPress for their business blogs.

WordPress Expert WPBizGuru

I’m passionate about teaching people the many benefits WordPress can bring to online marketing activities.

“What this guy doesn’t know about WordPress, isn’t worth knowing!”
- P. Jones, Celebrity Blogger

I am the author of two books about WordPress and business blogging and make regular appearances at conferences and conventions.

About this blog

WPBizGuru.com is my main outlet for WordPress-inspired writing and it covers a wide range of my interests:

  • Tutorials about WordPress
  • Tips and tricks for promoting your business blog
  • News about WordPress events
  • Reviews of WordPress themes and plugins
  • Interviews with other WordPress experts and famous bloggers

“WPBizGuru.com is the definitive source for WordPress business blogging information on the web…”
- J. D. Claussen, author of Corporate Blogging Made Easy

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